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Fred Lopez,  Executive Director at San Francisco Pride

"Vertel is an organized, optimistic individual who can take on large projects and break them down into actionable items. He worked well as a team member and operated in the spirit of collaboration. He is qualified to work in positions that are creative, and can additionally provide a  level of organization that can streamline processes."

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Kevin Roth, Production Lead at PayPal  

"I managed Vertel Jackson at PayPal and watched him take on so many different projects from assisting with the production of videos to overseeing the creation of digital banners. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Vertel jumped right in and Line Produced internal videos featuring our CMO and CEO for our internal Comms Team. This is a big deal with PayPal because the VIPs don't just work with anyone."


"Vertel has an enthusiasm for every project he produces. His attitude is positive and he collaborates well with others.  We not only consider him a former coworker, but a friend of PayPal. If we had another role for Vertel, he would be welcomed back in a second."


Jeanette Jordan , Marketing Director at  Next Roll


"Vertel created the original concept for #iamaroller, featuring one employee's career journey to NextRoll. He did an amazing job visually telling a story that was both moving and relatable. The pilot garnered so much excitement we expanded the project to feature six employees in the US and four employees in Dublin."


Katherine Berchtold, Brand Manager on Cricket Wireless account at ARGONAUT

"Vertel Jackson is a rockstar. He made such a profound impact on the creative projects we worked on during our time together at ARGONAUT. Vertel was instrumental and played such a key role on numerous big budget / high visibility projects for Cricket Wireless."


"On one project in particular, Vertel led the team and served as lead producer on a large custom digital initiative with IMDB and Cricket. Vertel uncovered all the different options for the homepage takeover initiative that would best optimize the media buy given the client agreed upon budget, with determination and passion. He is a thoughtful communicator, flexible, and has a "we can solve anything mindset."


"He is quick on his feet, smart, a fast learner, SO personable, and the one of the most genuine human beings I have ever come across."


Celine Lota, Founder & Lead Designer of Aquemini Funktionz

"I had the pleasure of working with Vertel on a passion project of mine, consisting of a short series of minute-long spots to promote a homeless tampon drive & food distribution I helped organize in SF. He was timely & very thoughtful in his approach to filming, editing, & producing these videos, all while meeting deadlines & being receptive to feedback. Vertel took on my passion project as his own, & it shows in his quality of work."

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